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Who We Are

We build relationships with corporates and high profile individuals; connecting supply with demand, and elevating the standards of private charter services, in order to provide a secure and luxurious private travel experience —at a competitive rate.

At Private Jets Nigeria, we are dedicated to delivering unrivaled services to ensure that every aspect of your travel is smooth, seamless, safe and satisfying.

From the moment you schedule your flight with us, to the moment you arrive at your destination, we make your comfort our utmost priority.

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What We Offer

  • Book a Private Jet

      —Request a charter on any of our luxury aircrafts with only 24 hours notice, and start flying!

  • Wait in style

      —Our executive lounge at the Quits Aviation Center is fully insulated and comfortable making your our customers have peace of mind. Our VIP lounge is Fully serviced with efficient staff and complementary Wi-Fi, you can choose to work, relax or even have a last minute meeting in utmost comfort, while you wait to board your flight.

  • Luxurious flights

      —On board, we take care of everything: there are no check-in or immigration queues when you fly private. Let your dedicated cabin crew cater to your every need while you fly in style.

  • Your customised menu

      —When you fly with us, you get to choose what you eat. Choose your in-flight meal down to every detail on your flight.

  • Arrive on time

      —We set our clock by your time. And because your flight is fully customised to suit you, you never have to worry about delays. Arrive at your destination rested and refreshed.

  • Beyond your flight

      —We are happy to help our clients with hotel and car bookings at their destinations. We worry about the little things so that you won’t have to.

Traveling With Us

Notice Period

Please give a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice for jet charters, to allow us serve you efficiently.


Immigration officers are present onsite to ensure that clients traveling internationally have accurate travel documentation.


Dedicated SSS security detail is present on our facilities to ensure that aviation and other legal regulations are adhered to, for the safety of our clients.

Your safety, certified

The aircrafts operated under Private jets Nigeria are registered and approved to operate within the Nigerian Aviation air space by NCAA. Our aircrafts, which are locally registered, operate under the COFA certificate issued by NCAA governing body.

Our Foreign registered aircrafts are required to have an MCC certificate, which ensures they are maintained by aviation professional engineers certified to operate Hawkers Beechcraft’s, Dassult falcon’s and bombardier aircrafts at the Quits aviation maintenance facility.

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