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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Private jet Nigeria accepts the following payment methods: VISA debit and credit cards, MasterCard, Bank drafts and cash, as well as other local and international payment methods. All payment should be made in US Dollar. Customers wishing to pay in Naira, via bank transfers or other alternative methods, please contact our sales team for further guidance.

Private jet Prices

  • How much does it cost to travel by private jet?

    The cost of chartering a private jet mainly depends on the flight time, type of aircraft, hourly rate, positioning, “if the aircraft is flown in from a neighboring state empty” and airport fees. To find out how much it costs to fly by private jet, contact us at sales@privatejetsnigeria.com.ng for a quick quote. Our representatives, who work around the clock, will get you the cheapest quotes available, with all inclusive price estimates for any global trip.

  • Can your jets wait for me?

    Yes your booked aircrafts booked wait for you, but we advice our customers to considerately be ready to board at the time outlined in the itinerary. This is to ensure that we remain efficient in our service, as we do have several customers booked at closely timed intervals.

At the Private Jet Hanger

  • What happens when I get to the Airport?

    After security clearance, customers are transported directly to their chosen aircraft.
    Customers that come early are entitled to the use of our VIP lounge facilities while they wait. There is an average wait time of less than five minutes between arriving at the terminal and boarding.

  • How long before my flight do I need to check in?

    Private jets Nigeria recommends that our passengers arrive at the airport to check in luggage an hour before the expected departure time.

  • Do I still need to show my passport when travelling by private jet charter?

    Depending on your nationality and destination, you may not require your passport when traveling by private jet. However Private Jets Nigeria recommends that our clients always travel with a passport or national identification, even for domestic flights within their own country.

  • How do I know where to go when I arrive at the airport?

    Private jets Nigeria will send you detailed directions to the airport facilities. In addition, either your flight captain or a member of the private jets Nigeria staff will be waiting for your arrival.

  • Do I still have customs/ immigration when travelling by private jet charter?

    Customs and immigration regulations must be complied with for all private jet flights. These checks do not interrupt our customers significantly, as these can be completed before the flight. Dedicated customs and immigration staff are on duty 24hours a day at the Quits Aviation Center.

  • How long will it take to get quotes back for my flight request?

    For flights within Nigeria, you can expect live quotes and aircraft availability to be returned to you within minutes. Requests for larger aircrafts and for flights in particular regions of the world might take up to an hour.

  • How many different operators can quote for my flight request?

    Private jet Nigeria’s network incudes over 200 aircrafts in Nigeria, registered locally, and overseas. The number of aircraft operators quoting for your flight will vary depending on the region and the type of aircraft you are requesting.

  • Can I buy a seat on a private aircraft?

    Private jet Nigeria offers private jet charter, which is the hire of the whole aircraft. With private jets Nigeria, customers can place bookings with friends and share the cost amongst their party in order to enjoy the VIP lifestyle we provide.

  • What happens when I am late for my flight?

    Private jet Nigeria can sort you out quickly, depending on the location of the available aircraft. This can be as quick as an hour from your flight request, subject to availability and your location. All you need to do is contact us here.

  • I only want to receive flight quotes on new aircrafts; can I specify that?

    We can filter your flight options to include new aircrafts, or any other criteria. Just email us at sales@privatejetsnigeria.com.ng.

Private Jet Information

  • What sort of Aircraft do I need?

    While Private Jets Nigeria has an expansive fleet, the ideal aircraft for your travels depends on the number of people travelling, destination and flight distance, and budget. Using the information you provide when you Request a Quote, we will make the best recommendations to suit your needs.
    Please contact us on at sales@privatejetsnigeria.com.ng or use our contact page to speak to one of our representatives.

Private Jet Safety

  • How do I know my aircraft is safe?

    Your safety is our utmost priority. All the aircrafts that operate on the Private Jets Nigeria network are commercially licensed and certified to fly by the Nigerian Corporate Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria (NCAA).We will be happy to provide you with detailed information concerning the aircraft, crew and staff of whatever jet you choose.

On board: What you need to know.

  • How many pilots will there be on my aircraft?

    Private jet Nigeria recommends that there are 2 pilots on every flight.

  • Can I take my pets (dogs, cats, etc) with me?

    You may fly with your pet in the cabin if you are cleared to do so by the aircraft operators. Your pet must also have the appropriate documents to fly. Please inform us of any pets you wish to bring with you, to enable us confirm permission from the operators before your flight.

  • What catering options do I have on board?

    Specialty catering will always be accommodated wherever possible. Please make sure to inform us of your dietary requirements when booking your flight, to ensure efficient delivery. All flights also include a fully licensed drinks bar.

Making changes to your private flight

  • Can I add a last minute passenger onto my flight?

    While it is very possible to add a last-minute passenger, it is important that clients check with Private Jets Nigeria before going ahead. This is to ensure that we are able to get the necessary security clearance for every flight that goes out. To avoid interruptions, delays or flight safety issues, please clear with us before bringing on previously unregistered passengers.

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